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Logical, scientific and sometimes surprising evidence in the creation/evolution issue.

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Three Evolutions Not a Rock Group Which came First
Love Your Enemies!
 A proven, powerful, life-changing teaching of Jesus.

Three Evolution(s)?
One evolution is a challenge. How about three?

Time is measured by the birth of one man, Jesus.

Which came first?
Which came first...
blood, blood vessels or the heart.

What is faith Exploring inner space Who created evolution What does the Bible say about one church
Religion of evolution
A theory that has no verifiable evidence is based on faith.

Body Glue
The remarkable body glue of all animals is the powerful Laminin molecule.

Who or what?
A logical analysis of the origin of the theory of evolution.

One church!
What does the Bible say about one church.

about dinosaurs Inspirational quotes Our Majestic God Glorify God
Dinosaur Myths
This is an exploration of the myths of the fascinating dinosaurs.

Inspirational quotes
This is a series of inspirational quotes from the Bible.

Majestic God
A fascinating trip into
the immeasurable universe.

No-life Glorifies God
Be inspired by the wonder of our No-life glorifying God.

Is the Bible true

Big Bang Theory The Absolute Truth
Bible: believe
This is an interesting journey through historical Bible facts.

God Sex!
This is a unique approach to sexuality.

Real Big Bang
The real big bang happened, But not the evolutionary Big Bang.

Absolute Truth
No absolute truth, is proof there is absolute truth.












Friends For Truth
The emphasis of the friends for truth site is to challenging each individual to compare Bible truth with other reliable histories and the evolution theory. We do not have to doubt the truthfulness of the is historically and scientifically accurate. We want to make friends to help us understand truth we share abundant evidence that the Bible is true. All we ask is that you study the evidence and make a reasonable decision. There is no evidence that the theory of evolution is true, that cannot be just as easily explained with Bible truth and scientific evidence. Using reason shows the theory of evolution is not true. But, when Bible study and the God-given ability to reason things out agree the theory of evolution is shown to be a secular religion based on blind faith. The promoters of the theory of evolution insist there was a big bang...based on blind faith. The real big bang was when God said "world"...and the world instantly appeared in all its majesty and wonder. This awesome spectacle glorifies the power and creativity of God. truth about dinosaurs destroy the myths of the evolution of dinosaurs. We talk about recently living dinosaurs, living dinosaurs and the reality that a dinosaur is described in the Bible. We want to find a friend in you, and help you find a friend that will look at the truth and see the power of God. This is one way to find friends with similar interests in truth.
The second emphasis is the truth that God provides absolute truth in the Bible about how we are to react to the glory of God shown in the world around us. Some are searching for true religion, which is encouraged through finding friends who can help. This truth includes the message of hope that the theory of evolution cannot supply. We delight in telling the amazing story of Lamanin (spelled Laminin), the molecule called body blue. We plainly show how Bible truth verifies history, especially the fact that Jesus was who he claimed to be...the Son of God. The Bible gives us reliable evidence that God sent a world-wide flood that covered the highest mountains. The Bible provides logical history that gives reason to believe. Geology provides truth that corresponds with Bible truth. What we call historical truth was first revealed in Bible truth. As friends for truth we are dedicated to Bible truth...and pointing out worldly error.
The third emphasis is revealing Biblical truth about Jesus and the one church...and the issue of denominationalism. We also deal with the moral challenge of lifestyles like sex, crime and general morality. Part of this truth is that there is only one God, so we even have an environmental spoof on tree huggers and their false green gods. Because of God's revelation in the Bible, we can all depend on the absolute truth found in the Bible. We find strength in the inspirational quotes found in the the Bible provided by a majestic god. Join us as make friends than can find friends that will find a friend in Jesus.